Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find FAQs from our clients. If you have any further questions please contact us.

Is it really different?

What is the difference between the insights People Matter provides vs Microsoft Workspace Analytics vs Viva?

What is the difference between People Matter vs Engagement Surveys?

We already have an app, how is this different?

Ease of Implementation

We’re going through a lot of Change in the business, how easy is this to implement and is it the right time?

How do you help us launch Okina successfully?

Will there be support after we go live?

Trust & Engagement

Will employees trust Okina?

How do you deal with people not being receptive to using a Mental Wellbeing Mobile Application?

Science & Validity

Is Okina based on a Scientific and Psychological Theory?

How has the science underpinning Okina been validated?

How does the psychology relate to digital working patterns?

What sort of data is analysed to look at digital working patterns?

Why is digital working patterns data important?


What do you mean by Wellbeing Insights?

Who can get access to Okina Care Wellbeing Insights?

Can employees access team insights from Okina Care?

As well as the insights will you make recommendations on how to improve wellbeing?

Do you report on individuals?

What is the minimum group size you report on?

What data will you need to view to gather the insights?

Technical & Data Questions

How do you link into our MS/Azure environment?

How will you link into the HR Tech environment?

Are you the controller or processor of data?

Who has access to the data from the People Matter side?

Will we have the opportunity to ask for different insights or custom integrations?

What rights do users of Okina have to their data?

What communication consent and preferences exist for employees using Okina?

What data consent do you provide?

What is your platform infrastructure?

Where is data stored?

How do you manage security?


Further questions? Please contact us

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