Breaking Bad

Recorded Workshop

People Matter's CEO, Amy King shares ways in which you can  inspire action and build healthier cultures.

Enabling people to build resilience, avoid workplace burnout and be at their best.

At the heart of this is a scientific framework "PEBB" that can be used by both Organisations and Individuals to better understand mental wellbeing, providing a methodology based on the psychology of positive mental health and resilience.

This 23 minute video will focus around the components Pressures and Boosts, both fundamental in fostering a healthy culture and can provide a foundation for Managers and Leaders to enable thriving teams.

About People Matter

We combine leading human understanding and technology to design wellness solutions that help people and organisations thrive.

For the individual we have an app, Okina which provides personal insights for the individual to better understand their current state of wellbeing, and how to either improve or maintain this.

For the organisation there is Okina Care, we have developed our cultural analytics platform that delivers deep insights from across the organisation, giving real time access to identify areas of concern and create specific interventions where and when it’s required the most.

Unique to People Matter our Digital Self technology provides an in-depth view of how individuals' digital working environment affects their wellbeing.

If you would like to find out more about how your current and future wellbeing strategy can be supported through our innovative technology, please check out our website or contact us directly.

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