Stop leaving mental health to chance

Our ethical data-led platform Okina, supports positive mental wellbeing.
Working at both an individual and organisational level - Okina helps to beat burnout, improve resilience and foster positive workplace cultures.

Okina Care mental wellbeing analytics dashboard

Action focused insights

Helping you to make smarter wellbeing decisions

Insight & Action

Deep insight to manage burnout

By looking at clues from both the digital world and the subjective experience - Okina brings an ethical data lens to challenges such as resilience and burnout.


Foster a positive workplace culture

Okina facilitates a strategic view on mental wellbeing - helping to build and foster positive workplace cultures.

Bring a human lens to the Future of Work.   Personalise and enhance D&I support.   Foster a culture of care and accountability.

Personal support

Individual insight and support

Insights led tips, actions and content.  The right support at the right time.

Seamless access - via the Okina app, Teams, Slack, or the web.

The antithesis of monitoring.  Always private.  Full individual control over what is shared.

The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Workplace Mental Wellbeing

An introduction and step-by-step guide to measuring workplace mental wellbeing using scientific and metric driven surveys.

  • Introduction to key concepts in the measurement  of workplace mental wellbeing - including why this is so important and where you should start.
  • Provide real value and insights to your organisation on the overall level of wellbeing.
  • Elevate your current survey and develop a rigorous and continuous process of measurement.
  • Worksheets, methodologies and questions to use within your process.

This is the first step on your journey in creating a systematic wellbeing model and fostering a healthy, thriving culture.

Gain a 360° Wellbeing picture

Move beyond a traditional survey-led view on mental wellbeing.


Underpinned by science

Okina is underpinned by extensive research and a psycho-social model that helps to quantify mental wellbeing by combining indicators from the digital world and subjective individual input.


Integrate with your platforms seamlessly & securely

The Okina platform is quick and easy to set-up with seamless and secure digital footprint integration.

Including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Suite, Workday, Oracle HR. More integrations being added each quarter.

trust & privacy

Deep trust and privacy by design

Trust and empathy are at Okina's heart.

While Okina has a unique capacity to see and understand its users, we will never exploit that capacity; never pry, never disrespect privacy.

Integral to our success is effectively communicating our core truth that: deep insight must always be matched with deep trust.


What our customers are saying

"Experian is committed to developing the best possible employee experience, and our wellbeing strategy is a key part of us achieving this. By partnering with People Matter we're able to give everyone the same opportunity to access mental health support, strengthen our overall wellbeing offering through a combination of education and personalised insight through the Okina app, and help build the resilience of both colleagues and the organisation."

Sarah Rose
Employee Engagement Manager
at Experian

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Daniel Cannon
Head of Marketing at Google

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John Carter
Head of Marketing at Google
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